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absolutely fabulous, abstraction, adult., adventure, alchemy, ambient music, andy partridge, arabian horses, architecture, art, art history, art nouveau, astronomy, atomium, autumn, avant-pop, beauty, belgian beer, blue monday, blur, blythe, books, botanical elements, botticelli, bpal, brains, brian eno, bryan ferry, bsg, burning man, classic cars, coloring books, cupcakes, dahlias, dali, david bowie, dead can dance, detachment, dreams, driving, dukes of stratosphear, duran duran, echo and the bunnymen, electrafixion, erotica, everquest 2, expression, fashion, fate, film, flowers, front 242, futurism, ghost world, glitter, goa, godzilla, goldfrapp, greek art, guns, harry potter, hiking, horseback riding, horticulture, industrial music, infected mushroom, intuition, italy, john foxx, joy division, lettuce, libraries, liverpool, m.c. escher, marion peck, mark ryden, martinis, meow meow, metropolitan, mist, modernism, morocco, moss, mountains, mythology, neil gaiman, neoteric concepts, nick cave, oblique strategies, oblivion, pale blue, pastels, peter murphy, phat beats, philosophy, photography, pink panther, pj harvey, plaid, post-punk, pre-raphaelites, psychedelia, psytrance, pulp, red velvet, roman history, roxy music, sci-fi, science, shpongle, simon posford, siouxsie & the banshees, surrealism, tears for fears, technology, the creatures, the doors, the march violets, the swans, the velvet underground, tigana, trains, truth, vinyl records, vinylstalgia, visionary concepts, volkswagens, waterhouse, will sergeant, wire, xtc(the band), younger brother, zen
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